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Zotion digital dentistry over-all solution

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Dental digital technology, also known as dental CAD / CAM technology, dental model is digital, with computer-aided design and auxiliary processing to replace the traditional manual operation. The concept of Zhuotian dental digital is that people of Zhutian dental repair from a variety of traditional technology and develop the corresponding digital solution. ZhuoTianDeke develops new products and system solutions according to customer needs, providing reliable quality and best service, and reduce customer cost.

Digital scanning system

Korea Freedom Scanner:

Dual-axis rotation system: camera rotation scan

Model to facilitate the pick and place: no fixture, plastic mud

Scanning speed: scanning a single tooth only 60 seconds, 14 units with only 6 minutes bridge

Comprehensive: scanning implant, occlusal state, impression

Digital design and typesetting systems

Germany Exo-CAD design software:

Internationally renowned mature software, easy to use

Germany hyperdent typesetting software

And equipment performance is excellent, our company can independently carry out all software remote maintenance

Denture restoration

All - ceramic dentures with zirconia ceramic blocks

Zotion dentistry zirconia ceramic adapt pieces of biological-grade powder, use modern CIP forming technology to produce high-quality equal to the porcelain blocks, the powder tested by the Peking University testing center and through the test.

Low radioactivity, no side effects on the human body, to ensure the use of safety.

All - ceramic denture - specific staining solution

Close to the color of natural teeth can be personalized tooth, with a simple method, a short time, easy to operate and so on.


CAD / CAM processing system

Intelligent four - axis CNC system Model: AFFINI T4

True 4-axis linkage, can be part of the denture undercuts

Zhuo Tian intelligent four-axis CNC system, a key operation

accuracy Automatic calibration machine tool, functions of tool life management

Remote maintenance function, can be cut zirconia, PMMA, resin and other materials


fine cutter Five - axis linkage cutting machine Model: ZT550

China's first desktop dental five-axis linkage cutting machine;

The equipment adopts the servo motor parts, which can precisely realize the position closed-loop control device which  adopts high rigidity design, the imported precision ball screw structure can ensure the equipment is durable. The core parts of the equipment adopt the whole imported parts, and the performance is stable and reliable.

Five-axis structure can ensure anatomical crowns with perfect cutting, inverted concave, abutment, inlay, high inlay, etc .; can cut zirconia, wax, titanium, glass ceramics, etc.

Processing can be automatically replaced tool, automatic tool detection, without interrupting the work; 24-hour continuous processing.

Five - axis machining CNC lathes Model AFFINI A5

The equipment is the first domestic exclusive of Zotion Dentistry.

High precision, good stability, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, high price

use ultra-high-speed metal cutting principle, innovative composite material bed, the world's leading data transmission and control system

Machinable zirconia, wax, titanium, glass-ceramic, cobalt-chromium alloy, model, integrated abutment, etc