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2016 South China dental exhibition, Zhuo Tian grams of the perfect ending!

2016/3/8 14:08:08      点击:

Which lasted four days 2016 South China International Dental Exhibition, recently ended. The dental exhibition Zotion concern, in this exhibition Zotion to show you the oral industry's latest products and top technology. Among them, CAD / CAM 4-axis milling machine  "AFFINI C4", which was introduced by the clinic, opened the prelude of CAD / CAM micro-machine , and successfully realized the CAD / CAM processing system changed from big to small. Now we look back at the last four days of Zotion Dental South China Dental Exhibition trip.

Activities on-site consultation

Zirconia ceramic block stunning debut concern

Concerned clinic dedicated CAD / CAM four-axis milling machine "AFFINI C4"

Micro-four-axis maillin machine can be 24 hours of continuous processing, cutting wax, zirconia, resin and other materials, is the only choice for technical factory

Various negotiations

Popular hot scene, orders continue

In order to give back to customers, Zotion Gear unprecedented introduction of the "buy Zirconium five-axis" Super Lucky Draw, as long as the purchase of Zotion "AFFINI" zirconia 10, that has the opportunity to win 180,000 worth of five-axis equipment , Is not full of temptation?

Popular hot scene

Lottery scene, lucky "Jinan Ya Le Fu" won the Super Award

18 million super prize winner "Alover" published award-winning speech

The time together is always short, four-day South China Dental Exhibition on this came to an end. Zotion grams of harvested the customer satisfaction, medical practitioners smile, the team's self-cohesion, Zotion will continue to provide customers with the best quality products and services.