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Missing tooth selection scheme

2015/12/14 14:17:51      点击:
Although strict oral hygiene can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, the problem of tooth loss is unavoidable. Of course, the doctor finally decided to remove the teeth, the patient is the best option. Today, there are a variety of options available to fill the missing bits left by extraction.Whether you're missing a tooth or missing teeth, there are always a few options for you.

Fixed bridge

When a tooth or multiple teeth missing, fixed bridge is a good choice. The fixed teeth are customized to the patient's condition and then fixed to other healthy abutments. When you choose this program, please note that there must be two healthy teeth to wear off and do as abutments. Fixed bridge can last 10-12 years.


The implants are suitable for single tooth loss, multiple tooth loss and all tooth missing cases. Implant is made of light metal materials. Implant dentition in the maxilla or mandible as the basis for replacement of new teeth.

Active denture

Active Dentures For a variety of missing teeth, this is a very popular treatment option. The active denture is made of natural teeth and gums, and the removable dentures are fixed on the healthy teeth near the missing teeth. The removable denture can be moved easily and easily.

Full dentures

Sometimes patients need a complete denture. They can be part of the top or bottom of the mouth, dentures can be made according to your situation like your original teeth as well for you. Dentist carefully created similar to the natural dentures, so that your dentures will not be found by others.