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Zotion Dentistry Technology Co.,ltd controls quality strictly

2016/3/18 9:30:06      点击:

Zotion Dentistry Technology Co.,ltd controls quality strictly

CCTV exposed series problems on 315 evening of entertainment.The problems include online shops lost credit,hard to identify goods,food safety problems and artificial teeth frame made of unqualified metal etc. Zotion Dentistry Technology Co.,Ltd ,as a manufacture of dental raw material,controls quality strictly all the time.

March 15, 2015 , When Chinese Premier Li Keqiang answered questions in Great Hall of the people, said whatever online shop or offline shop,both should pay attention to integrity, to ensure quality and safety. To produce safe and good quality  zirconia block is Zotion responsibility.

 Zotion has been producing good quality dental products since it founded in 2009 in Chongqing. To improve quality, Zotion controls quality strictly from raw material to production line, then to after-sales service system.

 If happened quality and safety problems, it not only hurt consumers, but also destroy corporation credibility. To control quality strictly, is not only the base to serve consumers well,but also social responsibility of Zotion.  

 Warm Tips:

Zotion has full set of certificates and qualification as following,
Business License ;
Medical Equipment Registration Certificate;

Medical Equipment Production License;

zirconia ceramic block inspection report;
Factory inspection report

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