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Zotion 22nd South China dental show

2017/3/27 15:33:31      点击:

         On March 3-5th,2017, 22nd Dental South China 2017 Internation Expo was hold successfully at Guangzhou city China,Chongqing Zotion Dentistry Technology 

Co.,Itd bring dental series products,like high quality dental zirconia block,CAD/CAM milling machine ,dental scanner and dental sintering furnace and so on,but ,It is 

worth mentioning that :Zotion brings new product ,”AFFINI A4”, special design for dentistry, Zotion also supply dyeing skills for dental zirconia block to all visitors. 

Let all people know more about multiple layer dyeing skills. The skills make zirconia block color more similar to natural teeth. It can satisfy high-end  customers custom


 we did enough preparing work,Zotion welcome to you!


We decorated our booth with best efforts to show all kinds zirconia block products and all kinds materials which can be milled by CAD/CAM milling machine. 

dental cad/cam zirconia blocks

On the first day of the exhibition, thousands of professional visitors visited our product

Negotiating with customers:

This is our manager, she is negotiating with the customer

The visitors showed great interest into our product and stopped to watch it. 

Zotion brings new product ,”AFFINI A4”, 

special design for dentistry,High rigidity,Touch screen handle Small volume,Easy to move Lubricate automatically,run continually Mill pure Titanium,suitable for

 milling movable bracket Deep cut, high feed,high efciency , operation 24hours,