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2016 China Dental Show(Shanghai)

2016/9/19 13:27:21      点击:

2016 China Dental Show will be hold at National Convention and Exhibition Center(Shanghai)  Sep.25~28. The theme” Digital dental medical” will be discussed continually. With the successful holding of 2015 China Dental Show , CDS obtains more and more approval among professional companies and visitors. Exhibitors and visitors quantity raised year by year, which reached 500 companies and 16,000 visitors.

CDS is a grand meeting in dental field which is hold by Chinese Stomatological Association and Reed Expo,China. 2016 is the 20th anniversary since Chinese Stomatological Association founded. We will invite many international academic experts and domestic experts to share academic feast with you ;Well-known enterprises, manufacturers in dental field also will be invited to CDS(Shanghai). They will bring you newest dental technology and share the newest technology achievements with you.

Zotion General manager Ms.Tan Li will lead zotion team to attend the exhibition. You will see Zotion the most advanced production equipment, the most stable CAD/CAM solution and Zotion Affini zirconia block products on the exhibition. What’s more, Zotion senior dyeing engineer Mr.Ran Yi’An will teach you dyeing skills on booth. 

                                                    Zotion grams of sales and service team

Let’s looking forward to it!


Add.:National Convention and Exhibition Center(Shanghai)

Booth No.:7.2 Hall F07B 

Products: zirconia block open system , zirconia block Girrbach system  zirconia block Zirkonzahn system  , Zotion CAD/CAM milling machine,Dental sintering furnace