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Zotion zirconia ceramic block passed CE certificate testing.

2015/12/12 17:56:19      点击:

 French drug makeup is good, natural without chemical? Germany milk powder is good,health and safe? European cars are with better performance and more safe? Italy, Britain, Switzerl ... ... Comparing with procurement service of Japanese products and South Korea products, procurement service of European products seems much better quality.

   Zotion ceramic zirconia block with CE certification make your teeth more healthy!

Zotion  zirconia ceramic block passed CE certificate testing.


CE certification is a mandatory certification.Wherever products are produced by European domestic manufactures, or produced by manufactures in other countries, if want to go into European market,it’s necessary to stick “CE”label to indicate the product is in accordance with the basic rules of European《New rules of Technical coordination and standard 》.This is a mandatory rules Europe Law asked for products.

Zotion zirconia block is in accordance with Europe standard to assure dental health of whole global consumers. 


Low radioactivity,no by-effect to human, no fading long time use. Zotion healthy,good to environment zirconia block, together with 16 colors dyeing liquid special for full-ceramic zirconia,  through scanner, CAD/CAM milling, sintering and merging in dyeing liquid etc.process, then make out artificial teeth. The teeth translucent difference between before-dyeing and after-dyeing is very small. More important, it effectively downs the effect on color when adjust jaw. Patients no need to worry chewing will change artificial teeth color in long term.

 Zotion has integrated lots of resources(University,Institute and supplying manufactures) and established high effective products brand and research.

 Choose Zotion zirconia block qualified by CE, brings you more heathy and safe teeth!