Consumers point pain, Zotion brand new "AFFINI" shock struck

2016/1/22 10:25:47      

important Notice

Direct pain point, Zotion  Zirconia new brand "AFFINI" shock struck!

Direct pain point, Zotion  Zirconia new brand "AFFINI" shock struck!

Direct pain point, Zotion  Zirconia new brand "AFFINI" shock struck!

Important things that three times

A few days ago,Zotion to Mr. Wang Yuanwu as the core technical team after a bold and rigorous research and development and improvement, through continuous testing, testing and reproduce the process to produce the latest generation of Zotion "AFFINI" brand zirconia products.

A new generation of products "AFFINI" in maintaining "cost-effective" on the basis of a comprehensive quality upgrade, so that a new generation of zirconia ceramic blocks in strength, toughness, transparency, color and other aspects of both outstanding performance:

See the specific parameters: 

About product quality Zotion do so

Product quality is fundamental to the development of the company, for customers to reflect the Zotion before the production of zirconia porcelain pieces of the quality of instability, as Zotion Technology Co., Ltd. and zirconium oxide products, the total responsible person, Mr. Wang Yuanwu The company in a timely manner the production of zirconia products were summed up and reflection. In the face of the changes of oral digitalization, the change of materials, the entry of large capital and the trend of social and economic environment, Mr. Wang Yuanwu made a profound analysis and bravely acknowledged the shortage of materials and production solutions introduced in 2014 .

Mr. Wang Yuanwu modestly accept the Zotion Zirconia zirconia products in the course of development lessons, and then decisively to make changes and improvements, invested 2 million yuan to introduce the industry's most advanced automated furnace production equipment, and the use of well-known nano-bio-oxidation Zirconium powder, after Zotion unique isostatic pressing process, launched a more cost-effective "AFFINI" brand zirconia products!

Mr. Wang Yuanwu sincere thanks to all the way to support Zotion's friends, many of the old customer support and trust before he launched a more high-quality products of zirconium oxide confidence. He is also very willing to help customers grow, and always believe that the growth and success of customers is the unshirkable responsibility of Zhuo Tian. We firmly believe that the latest generation of Zotion "AFFINI" brand zirconia products, bound to the most stable quality and more sincere market pricing to win customers more confidence!

Automatic kiln

And Zotion past production methods of traditional box furnace, automatic kiln production line sintered products directly or indirectly on the high temperature, abrasion resistance of the push plate, the propulsion system in accordance with the product process requirements placed on the push plate The product is moved and the sintering process of the product is completed in the furnace. Automatic kiln production line, with high precision temperature control, small temperature difference, high thermal efficiency, short firing cycle, to produce high quality zirconia ceramic block advantages for the new generation of Zotion tooth zirconia ceramic block quality to provide a strong Protection

Cooperate with southwest university

In 2015, Zotion and Southwest University reached a cooperative relationship, is committed to the denture industry to provide the best overall digital dental solutions

product testing

Zotion zirconia ceramic pieces of biological-grade powder, the use of modern CIP forming technology to produce high-quality equal to the porcelain blocks, the powder used by the Peking University testing center and through the test. In order to protect the quality of products, Zotion of each batch of products produced will be sent to testing organizations for testing, inspection before being put into the market, served the hands of users.

Certification authority

In 2015, Zotion produced zirconia ceramic blocks, has access to "ISO13485 quality management system certification", "CE certification" and a series of authoritative certification bodies.

Thanks to every customer who supports Zotion , we will continue to strive to provide customers with more quality zirconia ceramic pieces!